October 18, 1990

18 October

Yesterday I didn’t have my after-school study session because Maryann and Wanda visited to check my living quarters and see how I was doing medically. Wanda advised me to get a full-time contact person and find out who in the area had a ham radio.

Just after I told her I was lucky enough not to have been sick since I came to Dominica, I developed a fever and headache. 

Brad came over, as it was getting worse, because he was out of water again. He showered and read letters he received and I picked up at the post office.

We both got letters from Portsmouth and from Maryann. She brought letters from Roseau and the package Micki and Jay picked up for me. Ann Marie sent me the Prince tape, a newspaper, Rolling Stone, US News, and Christmas decorations and packing materials.

Between the package and Brad’s visit I missed the Methodist Bible Study, led this week by Murphy Wallace. 

Today I came home from work sick, wrote a letter of sympathy for Uncle Dick, and had to stop writing in this journal because the lights went out for the second time tonight.

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