October 22, 1991

22 October

Today I got a letter from Jay Petersen. I was surprised because Elvirus gave it to me at school. Yesterday Frances said she went to the post office and there was no mail. I think they just checked for her. She got a Cable & Wireless phone bill. They might have just put that in the box this morning. You never know with Frances. She might have even forgotten to go or ask.

I also got a letter from Jane Aldridge. She is very good about writing. I enjoy her friendship.

Today I did a lot at the apartment. Mrs. Garaway told me that Brewster was going to come to fix my electric cooker between 2:00 and 3:00. I decided to wait and not go back to school. He never came.

I napped in between reading Bible chapters, studied Kwéyol, read Teaching with TEACH, worked on my NYU application, washed my batik shirt, made lime squash, and wrote to Chris Sharples.