October 3, 1990

3 October

On Sunday the 30 I burned a hole into the cloth on my ironing board and now have an iron with melted cloth on it. It still works but I will never use the steam function again. It is too hot.

On Monday the 1 I mailed my sister Ann Marie’s birthday gifts. The items cost $11.95 and $11.50 to mail them. I was deceptive about what was in the package when I mailed it but I hope the glass jar doesn’t break. I said the jelly was in plastic which was a lie and did not mention the soap.

On Tuesday we did not go to Canefield as expected because Murphy chose to skip and go next week.

Today the apartment was broken into. When I got home from school shortly after 11:00 a.m. I noticed someone had ripped open my letter to David Matheny. I couldn’t believe Brad would do it and as I looked around the house it became clear that he didn’t. A bench was in the middle of the floor, not next to the wall where it was. My screen above my door was ripped, my mosquito netting partially knocked down, and a strip of wood laid next to my bed. When Brad came home his screen above the bedroom door was down, too. His door was unbolted and coins were missing as well as his pocket knife. The only other thing wrong was the back door wasn’t secured.

We reported it to the police. They checked out the apartment and are assuming it was a kid. I called Maryann to let her know. She expressed concern and compassion. 

It is a weird time for it to happen. Brad moves out in a couple days. I will be alone but I don’t feel scared because I think this could have been caused by our carelessness. I hope to be more careful and avoid this in the future.

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