October 5, 1990

5 October

Brad began moving today. He started packing up his belongings yesterday and around 4:00 p.m. Mr. Cyrille, who owns the small hardware store below us, gave him a ride with his stuff to his new place which is in LaGrange directly underneath Mrs. Garaway’s house.

Mrs. Rourke was living there but it was too small for her and everyone was telling her it was too bushy. She has found a new place next to a snackette on the road to the Methodist Church. She is now looking for another place.

I saw her at the bank earlier when I went to see if my transfer was made and to get money for next week. The transfer still had not been made so I couldn’t take out money for rent.  I had to cash my second $50 traveller’s cheque to have money to get through next week. I hope that the transfer is made soon before my rent is due.

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