October 7, 2020

7 October

After Brad and I played cards at his place and he picked up his laundry from my place, Tim, a medical student, and his wife Jean invited me to go to a dinner at Ross University. I met many of the medical students. I was upset at the negative comments they made about Dominica, but I was happy to meet David Landau.

David is a licensing agent for Arista who was on vacation and came by the party. I didn’t converse with him too much because an Asian-American medical student named Arthur was trying to network with him.

I found out that Arista is trying to get a Snap song in “Rocky V” and that a new artist named Keedy is being promoted to have one of her songs in the Three Men and Baby sequel soundtrack.

I also found out from Frances Rourke that she taught and helped the members of Meet Danny Wilson. They sang “Mary’s Prayer” and signed away their songwriting rights. They haven’t matched any previous successes and are down on their luck.

Today I received communion at the Methodist church and then went home to meet Frances and Brad to go to the Capucin festival. We weren’t able to get a transport, probably because it was so late when we left. We went to Fort Shirley and then had refreshments at Frances’s apartment.

I went to evening services hoping to get out in time for Brad and me to go see “The Living Daylights” at the cinema. Service went too late and Brad was gone when I returned home. I did get to meet Diane Wade’s father at the service, and Murphy asked me to read the Old Testament reading in church next week.

I was very happy. We sang “This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made.” It reminded me of B.I.C. Today was a great day.

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