September 1, 1990

1 September

I just finished getting ready for an evening of Venezuelan music at the RBD theatre. Brad and I were there last night but had to leave when we got too tired.

The music last night was part of “Halleluyah ’90,” a gospel-Caribbean night of music. The people and performers were very excited about praising the Lord in this way although most were too anxious for the main performer Lester Lewis. Some people booed the warm-ups and shouted for him. Contrary to the newspaper advertisement, Felix was not in the show.

Brad and I were the only two white people in the audience and I felt uncomfortable when race issues were brought up. Lester put some issues into contexts similar to those of Sharpton or Farrahkan.

We returned home at eleven, two hours after our bed time, to get a good start on market day. I bought oranges, bananas, and had fish cakes and regular cake for my breakfast. I also made some great limeade.

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