September 13, 1990

13 September

I went to a Bible study yesterday. Because I went I missed hearing Prince’s “Thieves in the Temple” on Now Music U.S.A., the radio show that is on three times a week for a half hour playing American music. I expect to hear it tonight when they count down the top ten and hope to receive the album from my sister when she sends it to me.

I didn’t mind not hearing it because the Bible study looks promising. It started with only three or four people but the number doubled before the end of the night. They are just starting a study on the book of Romans. I felt somewhat embarrassed because they know so much about the Bible than I do. I also can’t sing and don’t know the words to all the hymns they know by heart. 

I had to go to the bank today to get money to pay my rent which is already late (it was due two days ago but our landlady is never around). Pat Klinger was at our school to talk to our principal about a fluoride program.

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