September 16, 1990


I just had some french toast for my Sunday breakfast. It was pretty good. At least it was something to put syrup on. I probably should have let it soak longer and brown more. I also added some spice. I could not find cinnamon but at market they sold something that looked like dry bark from a tree and smelled like cinnamon. So I used that as a little flavoring.

Yesterday Brad and I walked up a paved road on the lower part of Morne Aux Diables. It was very steep at some points. We also checked out the progress at the Cruise Ship Berth and swam at the Purple Turtle. We then had a highlight of watching a bad television show with Elliot Gould in an Emergency Room on Lifetime. We were able to do this because we bought a drink at Mames Restaurant.

On Friday Alan McLawrence visited us to ask us questions about his application to a nautical school.

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