September 19, 1990

19 September

Sunday we were without power for most of the day and had to be careful not to let the cold escape from the refrigerator. Brad attended the Baptist church but could hardly understand the screaming preacher.

We both watched the participants cross the finish line at the Milo 10K race. We saw Lorrie Pratt who was there to help as a Red Cross volunteer. Peter won in the over-50 category and did not stay overnight as he said he would. Many teachers and students from school were also there.

On Tuesday I had a hamburger I bought at the Douglas Guest House. The only problem was that I ordered it medium well and slightly cold in the middle. It was a big whole wheat bun with greens. It was good and filling.

I’ve finally boiled plantain and it turned out okay but was bland. The rice I boiled today was soggy and bland.

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