September 22, 1990

22 Sept

When Brad returned from the post office, on Wednesday, it was with a big envelope containing my application to Harvard Law School. I immediately wrote letters asking for two recommendations and college certification the next day and mailed them on Friday to Mr. Cackovic, Dr. Guerriero, and Dickinson College.

Sickness which may have resulted from a second dose of typhoid shots cancelled the party for which Brad and I ordered and bought a cake, bought a case of soft drinks, and cleaned the whole apartment. Mrs. Rook (sic), the recently arrived VSO from Scotland who will teach English at Portsmouth Secondary School, came and shared some beer, snacks, and cake.

Brad and I took a Saturday hike south along the coast to the Portsmouth Beach Hotel and Coconut Beach Hotel. We saw students, Mr. James, Rosemary, the medical student, and an interracial couple of a Dominican and German who told us about a barbecue they have every Sunday. They were cleaning fish which they prepare for and sell to the medical students on Sunday. The walk was great, the area beautiful, and the view picturesque. 

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