September 30, 1990

30 September

I attended Bible study on Wednesday and many more people attended. I sat up in front and have book one. We will get to keep them if we attend all the classes.

I attended another Bible study on Friday, the Peace Corps group I initiated. There were seven of us. We prayed, talked a bit about our relationship with God and reasons for joining the Peace Corps, and shared ideas on Romans 12:1-8. I was very happy that it came off well and we decided to meet twice a month.

Brad and I were lucky to get a ride into Roseau on Friday at 1:00 pm from Murphy Wallace, a friend who lives across the street and attends the Methodist church. Getting out two periods early from school helped Brad and me get to Roseau early enough to run errands, get our shot, and attend Lorrie Pratt’s farewell party. She left Dominica yesterday.

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