August 13, 1990

I didn’t feel any goose bumps just heat. I wasn’t really too hot except when we took an early morning walk to Fort Shirley on the Cabrits. The walk was just as long as the one to the beach the other day and at first we had trouble finding it. We went past the path which was up the hill and perpendicular to the direction we were walking.

It was really a nice place to visit. They have restored much of it and placed displays inside the buildings. Most of the displays are unfinished. We signed the visitors’ book. Most of the people who signed it were from Dominica but there were some US citizens and others.

We didn’t take a look at all the buildings on the Cabrits because we were overdressed and unprepared. My mind was in such a haze this morning I didn’t really think about what we should take. I was in such a rush that we went to the bakery and stores before most of them were open.

When we got back I washed clothes and did a little cleaning. Brad cleaned the outside of the refrigerator and I did a little sweeping. It got pretty boring today. Tonight we played 500 Rummy. Lennox stopped by today.

Aug 13 

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