August 14, 1990

The boredom was worse today. I got depressed right before dinner but eventually snapped out of it as we ate, cleaned up, and played 500 rummy again. I think I’m going to need a TV to get through these two years.

Today’s adventure was to go to Douglas Bay again and try the goggles Don got in town yesterday. I took my underwater camera too. Before we left we heard about a tropical storm in Trinidad and Tobago. We weren’t sure how it would affect us. We didn’t get too far before it rained. It did often and heavy.

We were able to take a walk past Tan Tan along the road that leads through the swamp and to the beach. We must have walked 7 or 8 miles. We were only in the water for a few minutes when it looked like clouds from the tropical storm would make it impossible to swim.

On the way back we saw many crabs and heard a lot of lizards running through the grass. I jumped once after hearing so many of them. The three of us stopped at the Purple Turtle and a bar run by Oliver Joseph who was at the disaster preparedness meeting.

Aug 14

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