August 25, 1990

Aug 25

Today we went to market. It was the first time to go there as big time buyers. I was so excited I had to go home to get a plastic bag for everything I wanted to buy. I passed on some oranges thinking that they would be there when I returned. Brad was wrong to support that poor thought.

I bought cucumbers, limes, two varieties of bananas, potatoes, and a breadfruit. I cut up half of a cucumber to eat with my hot dog and cheese balls for lunch. I also had a fish cake at the market and cake on the way back.

Later in the day, Brad and I finished exploring the Cabrits by walking to the top of the East Cabrit. We saw just as much land on the east as there is water on the west Cabrit. The trail wasn’t well maintained but the view was worth the hike.

The hike was sweat-inducing but that was no problem. Rosemary began doing our wash Friday and will on Tuesdays and Fridays from now on.

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