August 26, 1990

Aug 26

Today Brad and I attended the Methodist church service. Because we stood out, we again we’re asked to introduce ourselves. This is the third church where I’ve had to introduce myself. When the minister learned we were Peace Corps workers, he used us as an example of today’s sermon from Matthew 5:13-16, lights without bowls. It was slightly embarrassing but satisfying. One of my purposes, actually my purpose in life, is to serve God. I don’t feel that I am making a great sacrifice but it is a sacrifice which I would like seen as an example of service to God.

My apartment on the day of the hurricane watch for Gustav. August 1990

Before the end of the service it was announced that there would be a hurricane watch. We began preparing by calling Maryann and securing sufficient supplies. I made my first call to the states to Ann Marie to alert her and give her the Dominica Peace Corps office number. It was extremely difficult getting through with a card and I ended up calling collect. 

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