August 27, 1990

Aug 27

Today Brad and I met our principal. I was in the middle of preparing breadfruit for lunch and Brad was beginning to eat when a girl at the door told us to call the secretary. We walked to the school since we didn’t think it much farther than the pay phone we would have to use.

We received tentative schedules although they were very likely to change with one of the teachers deciding in recent days to go to Cuba to study. Mr. James certainly has his work cut out for him in organizing the school. Teaching here is challenging but an administrator has it worse.

We were able to meet Mr. James since the hurricane went north and caused nothing but very little light rain on Dominica. I was also joyful to hear it missed Antigua. The nervousness over Gustave made me lose some sleep. I caught up on some by taking a nap.

I made lime juice for the first time today. It wasn’t too bad.

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