August 5, 1990

The meal at noon provided the major excitement today. After eating portions of everything on my plate, I noticed a small, white grub worm crawling next to my rice. The expression on my face was enough for Bill to ask me if I swallowed a bone. I wish it were only that. My appetite was ruined. I finished my chicken and plantains but did not eat anything else.

Bill said it was probably nothing to worry about. It was probably just a worm similar to the ones in apples. He conjectured it may have come from the lettuce. I had some lettuce. He did not and he did not see anything crawling on his plate.

I don’t think I ate any of the worms. At least I hope I didn’t. I checked our PC medical book, Where There Is No Doctor. There were no pictures exactly like the worms I saw. I am still very nervous but will just have to wait and see.

Catherine and Yolanda arrived. They called to make arrangements for a trip tomorrow to the Trafalgar fete celebrating the end of the harvest. I also talked to Mikki, Jay, Brad, and Don today.

August 5

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