August 6, 1990

I met with everyone this morning after a hard night’s sleep during which I sweat enough to be totally wet. Our complete group took a transport up to Trafalgar to Fet Kai Che, a festival to celebrate crop-over.

On our way up the hill we saw the Leathums standing in front of a house. We waved to them and Jay, Mikki, and I stopped to talk to them while everyone else headed for the Falls. Mrs. Leathum went up the hill with us to see the produce display and the art exhibit. We noticed Don and Bill had already returned from the Falls. 

Before heading for the Falls ourself we stopped at Mary Ann’s. The walk to the falls was long but worth it. The falls were high and there were huge rocks below where currents went through and pools of cold water gathered. Jay walked further down and cooled off in the water. We met a Canadian student from UVA down there.

After a hot walk back to the village, we had some chicken, pop corn, and soft drinks at the fete.

Before the day was over, Don agreed to take over Laurie Pratt’s house.

August 6

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