August 7, 1990

Today was Brad’s and my day to look for housing in Portsmouth. We started by looking for Mrs. Lawrence’s house but the rain forced us to take cover in a bakery. After talking to us for a while, the owner sent us with a young child to find the house. We stopped at a shop where the owner told us about an apartment above. It was nice but the refrigerator was not working. 

Looking confused on the corner of the street, Mrs. Lawrence’s daughter saw us and called us in to see the place. It was better than the place above the shop financially, 500 v 650.

After that we found Mrs. Garaway’s shop but she was gone. We were too early. We went to the bank and I opened up my savings account with a $50 travel cheque, which pays better than cash when converting to currency. It pays 4% interest if over $200.00.

We finally met Mrs. Garaway and saw all three places and took the 4 room apartment above her shop at $250 per person. It is spacious and hurricane safe. Brad and I will be moving in on Saturday. We put down a deposit, $40, to beat another person who was interested in it but did not show up to put down her deposit. The deposit left us without enough money to get home but luckily we ran into Tony Savelli who loaned us the money until we got to the Peace Corps office to get our latest amount of walk around money. I got back to Molly’s after five and took the clothes off the line. It was my first set of clothes to be hand-washed. 

August 7

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