August 8, 1990

I couldn’t hand wash today because Bill was using the bowl and I’m glad I didn’t. It rained on and off all day. It usually does but there was a large amount of rain from a tropical wave.

It was raining today when I arrived at the Peace Corps office. We had presentations on the health system and law and order in Dominica. Judy presented the information on the health system.

The police officer who spoke to us gave us a lot of good advice on taking care of ourselves in Dominica. He said it required extra care in Portsmouth and stressed the severity of drug use or association.

Mary Ann also talked to us about her relationship to us and expectations. She was very upset about our dress code. She was upset by us wearing shorts on the plane and to the Trafalgar fete. It is very important that we dress respectably not only because we are teachers but also because we are ambassadors for the U.S. Shorts and t-shirts make us look sloppy and more like tourists.

After drinking some of the grapefruit juice I was given I went with Catherine to Cee-Bee’s where I bought a Billboard magazine and a book on plants and animals of the Cabrits. We also looked around in stores and stopped at the post office.

Don will not be able to move into his place until next week and will be staying with Brad & me in Portsmouth for a while. He, like me, cannot wait to leave our current homestay. Bill saw a cockroach in the refrigerator. I saw ants and a cockroach on the sink, in Molly’s room, and a dead one this morning in my room. I can’t believe I’m staying here.

Aug 8

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