August 9, 1990

I told Mary Ann this morning that I had no problem staying here for two years. She interviewed everyone to confirm our commitment to the Peace Corps and see if any problems remained.

When she was through with all the interviews she and Felix drove us to the President’s office. The President welcomed us and gave us some advice on making it through the two years with respect and effectiveness. He was a very nice man who loved to talk and share his experiences. I think he is very proud of his country and has high expectations even though he knows the pace at which the country will progress. He will be at the swearing in but it is unlikely that the Prime Minister will attend.

I arrived home for my last dinner from Molly. I ate chicken, macaroni, and boiled green bananas and potatoes. I finally had first bowel movement since returning from St. Lucia. [Sentence omitted for too much detail, which I am willing to reveal in private if you really care] I really didn’t check it but I hope any damage done by living with Molly is over. 

Aug 9

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