January 18, 1992

18 January 

I’m living in Calibishie now. It is much more relaxing than living in Portsmouth. Today I woke up at 6:30, which is one hour later than I usually wake up for school.

After praying and exercising I showered in cold water. I stayed in the shower only long enough to wash my face, hair, and neck. 

I wanted to go to market in Portsmouth so I waited on the porch from 7:30 until 8:00 o’clock AM; no buses came by. After that I had one of Ma Tazzi’s hot breads. I ate all of it except a little of the last pieces without anything. I put some jam and cream cheese on the remaining bread.

I tried changing my room around this morning to prevent the bat dung from falling on my bed. There wasn’t enough room for me to change the bed around by myself. I put some paper to cover the space where the dung falls through.

I played UNO with Glen and Shane this morning. I won. It was difficult to play with them because they could see my cards reflecting on my glasses.

Ma Tazzi gave me a cake this morning. She, of course, refused money. I’m finding it easier to talk with her now.