January 28, 1992

28 January

Ingy, Jemmy, and Glen are here at the house. Ingy put in my Michael & Janet Jackson tape. He was commenting on how Michael sounds like a makwomé (homosexual).

One of the kids smells. I thought that the cat pooped in the house; Ingrid locked it in the house as she rushed back to work. I can’t find any cat feces and I didn’t smell anything until the kids came over.

I read another chapter of Life with God. It was on Bible study. I do or have done most of what is in there.

Coming home from school on the bus today Patsy was teasing Chris about joking me. They are two St. John’s Junior Secondary Program students who ride home with me at 2:30. Sometimes I realize that they are talking about me, but I pay no attention to what they say. One of the girls pointed this out to them today.

I stopped by Cyrille’s store today. He owns the hardware store that was below my apartment. They changed the layout so that everything is behind the counter. His wife said there was too much self-service. I teach his son in 5th form general.