July 17, 1990

In today’s class we learned more patois: how to tell your name, profession, nationality, and your state. We learned the words for relatives, too. Mikki is continuing to do better.

Brad, Sue, and Micki walk to training at Grand Bay Secondary School. July 1990

Her husband Jay wasn’t feeling well. He had the Hershey Squirts and did not go to the afternoon session.

He went to morning language lessons while the people from my group went to the health center. I started my community service by cutting grass. The girls talked to nurses and Bill got a chance to visit the fire station.

After that visit we had lunch and went for a history lesson on Dominica. The information was important and presented well but I was hit by down-time. Lennox Honeychurch, the presenter, lives in or near Portsmouth and he seemed hopeful to see me there.

Brad and I got our laundry off the line and went back down to the Leathum’s. I broke a glass on the patio before we took off for church meeting. It was much longer and more personal than I expected. We got a chance to do some community service, more for me and finally some for them, by agreeing to help clean the cemetery. 

After the meeting we went nuts over dry mix chicken soup after finishing ice cream on the way home.

July 17

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