July 18, 1990

Wednesday started with a patois lesson on verbs and tenses and the days of the week. Interviews were going on with our APCD MaryAnn Murray. I had to wait for an hour for it. It was primarily a chance for her to get to know us better. At lunchtime we hd tuna and tasted fried breadfruit which is similar to french fries. After lunch we heard from Chief Education Officer Anthony Lockhart. Mrs. Shillingford confirmed what he said. We learned that their education system is only for the best and the standards are much higher than those in the U.S. We worked in the cemetery from 5-6:30 moving stones from the lawn, cutting plant growth, and raking up dead grass. Bill, Sue, Mikki, Jay, Brad and I made some small improvements. During our dinner which included a custard and Kool-Aid the lights went out. Apparently they usually go out on Thursdays because of the work on the hydro-electric plant but they also went out .. today.

written on July 19

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