July 19, 1990

After a horrible night’s sleep of roosters (starting at 3AM) and Sheree crying we woke up and went to breakfast early in order to get to Rouseau in time for a Portsmouth transport. The transport left around 9 and we arrived at the Portsmouth Secondary School after 10.

Brad and I gave our qualifications to Mrs. Murdock who will be leaving the position of principal soon to travel with her husband, the former APCD of Dominica. She filled us in about the school, introduced us to Brian, who is a Math teacher there, and gave us the books we will be using. They seem very easy to me. Mr. Fabien was also there.

After that meeting, he drove us to the Catholic Presbytary, where we met Father Reggie. Like Athlene Murdock he promised to keep an eye open for housing possibilities for us.

Following that meeting we had a long wait for transport back to Rouseau. On Thursdays Rouseau used to close down in the afternoon and people are still in the habit of not going to town. Thursday is also the day the banana boats are loaded.

Finally we made it back for the rest of a dry speech on politics in Dominica. The speaker was so tall he almost walked into the overhead fan. Jay gave away the sandwiches Mrs. Leathum prepared for us but we didn’t take. I had some Kool-Aid at the Peace Corps office and a soda and Milo bar in Portsmouth.

We made it back to Grand Bay in a minivan that at one time held 20 or more people. We hung the clothes that were in the washer and put in one more load. Toni invited me up to his snackette and gave me a Coke. I also got a lesson on politics.

I left for dinner which included Macaroni & Cheese, played “Up & Down” and won my first time playing, by candlelight. The lights went off again.

written on July 20

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