July 20, 1990

After finding some dry clothes on the line I dressed up for today’s activities. Brad and I left for breakfast on foot. We left after eating custard, bananas, bread, juice, and meat.

Upon arriving at the school we had a combined class (all 9 of us) in patois and a lesson in singing the National Anthem. I was the worst singer of the nine, but I figure if I sing it loud enough it won’t sound too bad in St. Lucia.

After that we got on transport to town. I sat on a block behind a rasta whose locks got closer to my mouth as he leaned back in the overcrowded bus.

When we made it to town I exchanged some money, bought postcards, a t-shirt, and flags to wave when we sing the national anthem of Dominica. Our planned session on family relationships was canceled when the speaker did not arrive. I went shopping again for plastic shoes (Toyotas in green, yellow, and red) and the papers with the Peace Corps articles. We listened to the current PCVs’ suggestions on housing at 1 pm. 

After those words of wisdom, I played around with the spreadsheets and database programs on the Peace Corps Macintosh. Brad and I then went shopping for gifts for our homestays. We bought a map for the Leathums and a book for the Shillingfords.

Mikki and Jay joined for another cramped ride home. This time Mikki almost didn’t make it without puking. Mr. Shillingford was home and offered us beers when we arrived. Brad and I were let known that alcohol-drinking was the proper, manly thing to do in Dominica. I had a beer but Brad doesn’t drink. Mr. Shillingford was amused that I could drink about 4 beers with friends compared to his 20.

We ran down for dinner shortly after and then Brad, Sue, and I visited Don. I had an attack of diarrhea and [had] some tea to cure it. We saw Don’s homestay, Catherine, make a hat. We finally made it home and happily because tonight there were lights and power.

July 20

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