March 19, 2021

19 March

I went to Roseau on March 8 for our Bible study meeting. It was the first time I had seen any volunteers since I wrote my letter (although I did talk to Catherine and the Petersens a couple of days earlier). Yolanda wrote me a congratulations note on my Newsweek letter. She was surprised to hear that it became controversial.

I got some good news that day. My dad sold my car. Adam wrote to say he might come down.

I also bought a money order at the Royal Bank of Canada. I had to go to the Ministry building to fill out a form because I was converting more than EC $100. It was for a US $40 check to the Dickinson Fund. I haven’t sent it yet because I may be elected lead volunteer.

We had a volunteer meeting March 9. Maryann explained my situation to the volunteers. She advised them not to repeat my mistake.

Maryann asked me if I would accept the lead volunteer nomination. I said yes with the understanding that I would have to get a phone. The election ends March 25.

Sunday I got a ride from Mahaut to Portsmouth with a TM teacher. I took her address and phone number. I thought Catherine or Bill might be interested. 

Students were being taken out of class to qualify and prepare for the sports day. It made for a nice easy week especially since we had a workshop on Wednesday. 

Brad went to see the doctor Friday. He has problems with his sinuses and can’t work this week. He also bought a TV while he was in Roseau. 

Saturday (March 16) I bought celery. It was the first chance I had to buy it here. Pat Klinger showed me some she bought once before. A lady asked me if I wanted to buy some as I was walking up to Brad’s place.

Micki and Jay came for a visit in the afternoon. They rented a car. We went for a ride on the Indian River. Tony came along, too. We went with Randolph. He was the guide he came up to ask around New Year’s. We got him down to $5 per person. He gave us a short uninteresting ride.

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