March 20, 1991

20 March 1991

At the last volunteer meeting (March 9) Judy Scholzen chaired the meeting. She had come back from the U.S. just a few days earlier and resumed her role as lead volunteer. She came through Portsmouth on Sunday (March 17) with Sue Fitch on the way back from dropping someone off at Melville Hall airport.

This morning I woke up after an emission and took a shower to prepare for morning devotion at the Methodist Church. I left the house at 6 AM, the time the service is supposed to start but I was there before it began. Murphy arrived after it started. He noticed a book in my hand. It was the book Teaching to Change Lives. Jane had sent it to me in her last package. It was primarily geared to teachers of Sunday School or Bible Study but it was relevant to teaching Math. It reinforced many of the elements of effective instruction.

I gave the book to Murphy as we left. He gave me a ride right to my steps.

I listened to the news and had a cup of Milo. With the war over the news was shorter and had some stories not related to Iraq. I left for school after brushing my teeth, washing the dishes, and reading some of the Billboard Jane sent me.

School was not about educating today. I taught form 1JC despite their resistance. We practiced finding the third angle in a triangle with two angles measured.

After that I gave my marks to the teachers and read some more from the book Peoples of the Earth. I also thought about third term.

Close to breaktime I went to the store at the bottom of the road. I bought a Milo bar and went to visit Brad. He was still recovering from his sinus problems. 

I went back to the staff room. Mr. James, Mrs. Hyacinth, and Mrs. Gordon were speaking about the male teachers sexual exploitation of the students. It was quite revealing. I left sometime near 1:00 PM.

I went home to eat macaroni and cheese, read my Bible, and wash the floor in my bedroom. I didn’t get any mail at the Portsmouth post office. Brad got three pieces of mail. As of 5:50 he hasn’t picked them up.

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