November 11, 1990

11 November

No one showed up Wednesday afternoon for help. I didn’t mention it and I was happy because Brad and I needed to put in our orders at the Purple Turtle.

We stopped for mail.  Ann Marie sent me a birthday card and letter. She told me Ann had a lump in her breast. I haven’t heard about it from Dad yet. Denise Sandman also wrote to say she wouldn’t be on Montserrat when I wanted to visit, but she gave a name of the other PCV on the island.

On Thursday after I withdrew a large amount from the bank I bought Ann Marie a t-shirt and sent it off as her Christmas present. I also bought my second gas cylinder.

Brad and I went to the Purple Turtle for dinner. I had lobster and he had chicken. It was a little cold for swimming. At least I thought it was. It was very relaxing and nice to have someone else cook for me a delicious and different meal.

On Friday I went to town and got the package from Ann Marie and one from Jane. Jay picked them up for me.

I did some shopping for the party at Micki and Jay’s. I also bought my father a map of the Caribbean so he knows where I am and where I go. 

I arrived late for a prayer meeting because I waited to get a ride with Judy’s friends who at the last minute could not attend with us. We arrived, prayed, and talked, and then the fun began.

There was cake and pie and all types of treats. No one danced and fell, but John zapped their fan. We played Hearts with six people, too. It was a birthday party for Sue, Brad, Yolanda, and me.

I stayed that night and got a recipe for cookies. Jay made pancakes in the morning, but they weren’t too great. It was nice of him.

We had our Peace Corps meeting on Saturday morning. Afterwards Jay and I went to the Ms. Pac-Man machine. Some children let me go ahead of them. I played twice and impressed them. I couldn’t get past the fifth board due in part to the fact you don’t get an extra guy at 10,000. One of the kids said you needed 35, 000.

I finished my shopping by getting a cookie sheet and some bananas and cucumbers at market. I also stopped to see some of the special olympics.

I finished up Serious Ting business and had lunch. When I called J&R no one could help me order records. So I will try again next week.

At church this morning Alan the former PCV who I met last week was attending since he was in the area. He served in 1984. Brad was not in church.

I went to see Brad to find out what was up, get some cookies, and to get the money he owed me from laundry. He had a headache and was tired so I didn’t stay too long.

I came home and washed some of the new clothes Ann Marie sent. 

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