November 13, 1990

13 November

I went to church service Sunday night. Reverend Riley gave a very short service. Murphy gave me a ride home.

Yesterday I received a letter from David Matheny. He agreed to let me stay with him after ETR, but he also said he was going to Jamaica after ETR. I rushed off a letter to him to see if there was any chance for me to stay in Antigua. I could just bum around, stay with other volunteers, or run up my charge card with hotel bills. I may cut my stay back to December 24, but if I can stay with him a few days I may stay as long as I originally planned, until December 27.

I mailed that letter today after lunch and then went back to school for my afternoon maths class. Before class I called J&R Music. Maryann brought a letter from Roseau from my father. It contained my Universal and Discover Card statements. There was a credit on Discover and Dad said I didn’t have to send him anything for the AT&T bill. So I though I would [call] J&R to make the order. It took two calls because I forgot to write down the catalog number for Rubiyat. I had them sent to Ann Marie. I’ve already told her to forward them here when they arrive at her house. I ordered “Journeyman” for Brad.

About ten students showed up for maths help. I think we cleared up most of the questions about sets. We stopped by 3:30. Caren, at the end of the class, said she dreamed about me Monday night. I laughed and didn’t pursue it any further. 

Before I went to the staff room to finish typing the test, I noticed a large number of students running around the school. They were serving detention and the teacher gets to punish them in various ways.

I got home to iron, make flavor-aid, and “open the clothes” since Rosemary was too busy. I am happy to have her wash my clothes but sometimes its a burden, too.

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