November 15, 1990

15 November

Yesterday no one showed up for Maths help. This was okay because it allowed me to correct papers and listen to Mr. James. He was telling me about all types of people. I didn’t really find his talk too interesting, but I listened as he seemed interested in sharing the information.

I attended Bible Study, too. The facilitator was not too sharp. She didn’t really have the skills to get the point across. However, I think the Lord blessed us and helped us to understand.

This morning I continued praying in the lotus position. I started a few days ago because it sounded as if kneeling was starting to take a toll on my knees. The lotus is not much easier, but it isn’t damaging either.

After a nap and a visit from Brad I swept and mopped the floors in my room and the kitchen. Last week I didn’t but that was partly due to my night out to celebrate.

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