November 23, 1990

23 November

Last week a group of friends climbed Morn Diablotin (17 Nov). I caught a transport to the road leading to the trail. I joined Kim, Micki, Jay, Art, Junior, and Erikson in Kim’s truck when they reached me. We got off to a late start. We hit the trail around 10:00 o’clock. The rain threatened to cancel the trip, but it held off.

We initially had trouble following the trail, but decided that the ribbons on the trees meant that we were on the right path. It was muddy, but we were careful and enjoyed the scenery, the trees; plants, and views of Portsmouth. As we neared the top the clouds prevented us from seeing the bottom. It also became more difficult.

We had to take climbs up steep portions, climb rocks and pull ourselves up by rotting tree limbs, and crawl practically under fallen trees. I was starting to feel like I had gone far enough. We reached the top. I followed along primarily not to be separated. 

On the way down it became difficult not to get dirty.We were in a sober state of silliness and began to enjoy the mud. We reached the bottom with mud holding firmly to us. I tried to scrub some off with a rock. We finished an hour before sundown. I began to walk back to Portsmouth and caught a ride just before sundown.

When I got home, I cleaned myself and soaked my clothes. I ate and fell asleep. 

The next day (18 Nov) was Harvest Sunday and the cantata. The church was full, decorated, and the singing was the best it has ever been. The minister talked about stewardship and convinced me to tithe the blessings God has given to me.

Wednesday night (21 Nov) after Murphy dropped me off from Bible Study I realized that I locked myself out due to a rush to run back in to get my wallet before leaving. I had to walk to Brad’s in the dark to get a key and flashlight. I got home at ten and went to bed at eleven.

I wished I could have gotten more sleep, but a flying creature woke me up at 3:30 to scare me and kept me from going to the bathroom. It was occasionally flying and banging into the wall.

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