November 24, 1990

24 November

When the bat noise eventually stopped I opened my bedroom door to the veranda to allow the bat to escape. After another wait I finally went to the bathroom. I made it safely back to my bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

When the alarm clock rang, I began to make cookies. Only the first batch burned. I gave two to Brad for loaning me a container. I also ate two. I saved the rest for Thanksgiving dinner.

I got a free ride with the football team to Roseau and felt that I should immediately catch a transport to Trafalgar. Most of the volunteers were there. We had turkey, pork, and pumpkin pie, among other items.

We left after 7:00 and I stayed at Catherine’s. We talked until eleven. I slept well – being extremely tired – until the alarm rang.

I got ready, picked up “Open House” invitations, and began to travel back to Portsmouth. I had to get on 3 different buses. One in Roseau, St. Joseph, and Coulibistrie. It cost $9.00 altogether. 

I made it back in time for school but I decided to recover until 8:30 since I had Carolyn tell IJC what to work on while I was gone.

After third period school was closed for a staff hearing on dental health led by Pat Klinger. I enjoyed it and watching her do her job.

Last night was the Harvest dinner. The food was excellent. They played International music softly which was a nice change of pace.

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