November 7, 1991

7 November

As usual I didn’t do anything too special on my birthday. It was a difficult day because at first there was no water; then there was dirty water. It was raining hard; I didn’t have my umbrella. I had pancakes left over from Sunday and poured some water over my body before I went to school. My hair looked wet the whole day. The students were very hyperactive coming off a long string of no work. I lost my temper at various points. My big treat came at break when I ate cake and a soft drink.

After I went to post mail I remembered I had Frances’s slip for her pay check. I went over to her house and decided to watch one of the videotapes I brought back from the states. She went to pick up mail while I watched “The Fresh Prince”; I got a letter from Diane, a real nice treat. Other than that it was a pretty ordinary day.