October 10, 1991

10 October 

I didn’t iron today; I thought I would. After lunch I got ready to go to the post office and Mini-Cash. As I closed the padlock, I realized I did not have the key. I luckily overheard Mrs. Garaway this morning tell my neighbors that she was going to Roseau.

Instead of walking to LaGrange for nothing, I went to Frances’s house. I called to see if Mrs. Garaway returned. I decided to have Maryann send my extra key up after a few minutes of waiting. I’m glad I had a copy of my key made when I was in Erie. As it turned out Mrs. Garaway didn’t return tonight. Elaine took the key to a bus driver at the West bridge in Roseau; the driver dropped the key off at Nurse Dubique’s at about 5:30 p.m.

After I got into the apartment I gave Frances the extra key. I enjoyed the diversion for the day. I talked with Frances and watched a video.