October 3, 1991

3 October 

I was in Roseau for the whole weekend last week. I arrived on Friday (27) to find out my doctor appointment was canceled. Gabriella called the school at 8am but no one answered the phone. I don’t remember if we had assembly, but surely someone in the staff room heard the phone ring. The probable reason why no one answered was that the secretary wasn’t in and everyone was probably offended by the rules that were read at the beginning of the year. Supposedly we are not allowed to go into her office. The door between the staff room and her office was supposed to be locked. So far none of it has been enforced.

Speaking of enforcement I got put in charge of keeping track of merits and demerits today. Diane Angol, who normally does this, is leaving. It will be easy to do if the computer arrives. It’s only fair that I got the job. I have “a reputation” for giving the most demerits. I don’t think it is so true this year. I feel that my strong stand early this year will have a ripple effect of reminding the students to behave.