October 22, 1990

22 October

During Thursday night I developed diarrhea. Two out of the many times I ran to the bathroom to read US News and World Report, I didn’t make it in time to [T M I]. Since one of those times was in the morning before school, I decided not to go. When Brad brang his clothes, I gave him some papers and asked him to let Mr. James know I could not make it.

I stayed home to rest but ran some errands at the beginning of the day and cleaned the apartment some more before visitors came. Unfortunately many students came by to see how I was feeling. Sometimes they woke me from rest.

Jay, Catherine, and Micki arrived in the rain. Jay gave me some Kay-o-pectate tablets which helped stop the flow of liquid [email for the gross language]. The lights went out and we ate. I had crackers. They had macaroni.

On Saturday we went to market before we went to the beach. I didn’t get much at market because it was late. The water from the tap was darker because of the rain which made drinking supplies tight.

To avoid the mud Catherine and I decided to walk the highway once we found it and made it to Coconut Beach after the rest. I tried to swim but was horribly out of shape. I survived.

We had a nice relaxing day even though it wasn’t very sunny. After showering we walked to Brad’s and came back for dinner. We popped corn  for the movies which changed at the last minute and ended up in bed not much later. We blew up a condom first.

Micki left Sunday morning for the Carib territory creole festivities. Jay and Catherine came to church with me and we found a ride back to Roseau for them.

Brad, Jay, and I played cards, relaxed, and listened to music. Catherine tried to get some work done. We walked to church to meet their ride and had a nice talk.

Today I am still catching up from the weekend. There are still some dishes left and wash soaking and my refrigerator and wallet are near empty. I had fun and really enjoyed their company.

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