October 24, 1990

October 24

Yesterday I had my help sessions in Math after school. It was a small group but it went well. Caren was not there.

She showed up at my door later that night. She said she slept during the session and other subjects to study and practice for the Friday night plays at my church. This student also told me that another student, Julietta Carbon, liked me and wanted to talk to me. I promised I would say something to her. I don’t know what all this means.

I didn’t really have a chance to talk to Julietta today but she may be at the help session this afternoon.

This morning I tried to call Prof. Guerriero to see if he received my letter asking for a recommendation. No one answered the phone number I called so I’ll try tomorrow at a different time.

Mr. James showed me how to run the stencil duplicator today. It made me late for class but at least I had the test run off. Believe it or not, the students finished the test before the end of the period.

Although some of the form II students were not in class, I tried to have a lesson anyway. All we did was check homework. We had fraction races, too.

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