September 10, 1990

10 September

 Today I went to school and met my students that I will be teaching. Actually I only met four out of five classes. At the end of the day I discovered that one of my classes was switched. So I went through my whole list of expectations with a class that I would not be teaching and did not meet a class I would be teaching.

In general everything went well with the forms (as the classes are called). The most troublesome form looks to be 3F, the third form whose form teacher is Fabian. The fourth form students received a trivia question about the last digit in (77)7. All the other forms were off the hook since I wasn’t sure if they all had books yet but need to have them by tomorrow evening.

I talked with Mr. James about taking days off in June for David’s graduation. He was initially reluctant but then after thinking about what will [be] going on in June agreed that it would be okay.

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