September 9, 1990

9 September

After a pleasant night’s sleep I began to get ready for church. By the time I was ready it turned out to be time for church. This was the third time I went to the Methodist church in Portsmouth and it was the third different minister running the service. Brad did not go with me or go to the Baptist church as he was planning because he was sick with a cold. I have not been sick yet and hope to stay healthy for 23 more months.

The service was primarily the same as the others but the minister was fervent in his belief that the church needed a revival because it had gone from a point of standing room only when he was a child to a less than half-full church today. He read from and preached about Luke 16:19 – Lazarus and the rich man. After the gospel he asked only those people who were blessed or touched by God to stand. I was afraid to be the first to stand but did by the second verse after the refrain.

I walked home while the back of my shoe dug into my wound from the snorkel fins. I dropped off my Bible and picked up my list of items to discuss with Dad on the phone.  He was happy I called. I told him how I wanted to sell the car and couldn’t believe he thought he could get $6000 for an 87 Aires when most were selling at $4000. I forgot to ask him to get me an absentee ballot application but will have to write for one soon.

I started washing by hand the sheet that fell on the ground and a shirt and pair of socks that were too dirty to wait for Rosemary on Tuesday. Lunch this Sunday again was chicken and a potato. I had a Pez candy for dessert.

I continued to read the book of Numbers. I have been keeping up on my goal of reading six pages a day in the Bible. I also noticed I had Bible study notes in my Bible for Romans 12 which I lead a study in 3 weeks from now.

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