September 8, 1990

8 September

Yesterday I finally went to work and learned what I will be teaching. I’ve been assigned Maths classes for forms two through four. I don’t know how the schedule will be on Monday but I heard I could end up teaching seven out of seven periods on some days. 

Part of Friday activities were the reading of the rules to the form one students. Mr. James made it clear he would give licks to students who wanted them. I hope none of my students ever get a caning and hope that the threat will remind them of the price that will [be] paid for misbehavior. 

After going to school I ran some errands. I withdrew money at the air-conditioned bank office. I got mail at the Portsmouth post office including a post card from Brian and forwarded mail from Dad. That has given me a lot to do and a reason to call my father. I was filled with joy to know he misses me.

I caught a transport into Roseau after eating hot dogs and getting our laundry back from Rosemary. Mrs. Garaway was on the transport with me but in a different seat and we did not talk. I got the chance to listen to the Burning Flames of Antigua.

I picked up my package that Catherine got for me. It was the silica gel from Ann Marie. I shared some with Catherine. We went to the library and had some ice cream and stopped at the Peace Corps where letters from Ann Marie, Joe Kultys, and Doris waited for me.

After staying at Jay’s and Micki’s house, I successfully made my announcement for the Bible Study support group. Judy, Sue Fitch, Sue Kelly, and Peter expressed interest. We meet in three weeks. It looks like I’m in charge and will probably discuss Romans 12 which was a very encouraging passage in terms of helping me keep my motivation to actually join the Peace Corps.

One week before that Brad and I are holding the September birthday party. Maryann’s is the only party or birthday in September but I made it known we would have the party even if she didn’t show up. 

One astonishing piece of information at the meeting was a report on the President’s perception of the swearing-in ceremony. The low turn-out made the Prime Minister happy that she was not there and is making the President consider not speaking at the next swearing-in. Only two current volunteers attended plus a small amount of home-stays and Peace Corps associated dignitaries. 

I skipped the Ziggy Marley concert but was able to talk to Maryann about my plans for a trip home for my nephew’s high school graduation. I hope to apply some of the money I saved from not going to the concert towards my ticket home which should be in my budget. If I keep my spending level at the point it is now.

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