October 14, 1990

14 October 

The Royal Bank must have made the transfer because they deducted it from my bank book on Friday. I went there after I was refused my package at parcel post at 3:02 pm. They close at 3:00. I was very upset. Micki and Jay said they would get the package for me.

I bought a Rolling Stone on Friday to get the J&R Music World listing and phone number. I called them but they said they cannot export overseas. I think I’m going to have to make them send CDs to Joe who I will ask to tape and send to me.

One benefit of the Rolling Stone was a cover story on Prince. It was a good article and he is still growing spiritually I believe. I think his album is the package that is waiting for me.

On Saturday I went to Grand Bay to start a walk from Judy’s place to Soufrierre. On the way I saw Arthur Shillingford and asked him how he and his family are doing. On the way we saw many beautiful sights and met some wonderful people. One nice lady gave us tangerines. 

Brad walked quickly ahead of us to return to Roseau to do some shopping. I left Roseau without him because he had to get his possessions from Don’s place. 

I caught the last transport but Brad hitched. It led to an incident involving a policeman in a hit and run accident. The side view mirror broke off. The driver was cut and may have had glass in his eye. Brad had the small pieces of glass on him and got hit in the neck but wasn’t hurt. 

I encouraged him to call Maryann. She advised him to stay at my place and we went to the movies to see 007 and 13th-Pt. 7. The villain in the movie was named Brad Whitaker. It was a good time.


July 1990

A list of all the volunteers leaving Miami in July 1990 for the Eastern Caribbean.

October 12, 1990

Rainbow viewed from my back porch.

October 11, 1990

11 October

On Wednesday it poured. It cleared up around about noon but started pouring again at 2pm. Between a tropical wave and Klaus, the rivers rose and flowed furiously to a rough sea.

Frances stopped by the apartment to swap books. I loaned her my Caribbean Traveler’s Guide.

She told me about Crocodile Dundee II playing at the Arbedee Cinema. We and about eight others watched the movie which started at 9:00, a half hour late. [Links to amazon may result in commission to site owner]

Today it was still raining. It wasn’t coming down as hard but the water from the sink was still brown probably due to runoff into the water supply.

The rain stopped in time for me to go to the bank to see if the transfer from Royal Bank to Barclay’s had come through. It hadn’t so I called the Royal Bank. They said they would transfer it today. Big deal. I will be in Roseau tomorrow anyway. I hope.


October 10, 1990

Pte. Ronde, Morne Espanol, and Prince Rupert Bay in Portsmouth. Shot from Brad’s apartment.

October 9, 1990

9 October

Yesterday Rosemary came by to say that she will only be able to wash our clothes once a week on Saturdays. She has a job now from Monday through Friday. I don’t know what it is or what it pays, if it pays.

An associate of Mrs. Garaway stopped by yesterday, too. He said a medical student was interested in sharing my apartment. He didn’t stop by yet and I don’t know if he did when I was at school.

On the way to my afternoon help session I ran into David Landau again. The rain kept us from talking.

I thought I might be going to the Methodist fellowship in Canefield tonight but Murphy didn’t mention it on Sunday or get me tonight. I guess I’ll just have to stay home and listen to Now Music USA.

I do need to ask him about the introduction and conclusion when reading the Old Testament lesson.


October 7, 2020

7 October

After Brad and I played cards at his place and he picked up his laundry from my place, Tim, a medical student, and his wife Jean invited me to go to a dinner at Ross University. I met many of the medical students. I was upset at the negative comments they made about Dominica, but I was happy to meet David Landau.

David is a licensing agent for Arista who was on vacation and came by the party. I didn’t converse with him too much because an Asian-American medical student named Arthur was trying to network with him.

I found out that Arista is trying to get a Snap song in “Rocky V” and that a new artist named Keedy is being promoted to have one of her songs in the Three Men and Baby sequel soundtrack.

I also found out from Frances Rourke that she taught and helped the members of Meet Danny Wilson. They sang “Mary’s Prayer” and signed away their songwriting rights. They haven’t matched any previous successes and are down on their luck.

Today I received communion at the Methodist church and then went home to meet Frances and Brad to go to the Capucin festival. We weren’t able to get a transport, probably because it was so late when we left. We went to Fort Shirley and then had refreshments at Frances’s apartment.

I went to evening services hoping to get out in time for Brad and me to go see “The Living Daylights” at the cinema. Service went too late and Brad was gone when I returned home. I did get to meet Diane Wade’s father at the service, and Murphy asked me to read the Old Testament reading in church next week.

I was very happy. We sang “This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made.” It reminded me of B.I.C. Today was a great day.


September 1990

What I wrote on the postcard to my dad and step-mom.


October 5, 1990

5 October

Brad began moving today. He started packing up his belongings yesterday and around 4:00 p.m. Mr. Cyrille, who owns the small hardware store below us, gave him a ride with his stuff to his new place which is in LaGrange directly underneath Mrs. Garaway’s house.

Mrs. Rourke was living there but it was too small for her and everyone was telling her it was too bushy. She has found a new place next to a snackette on the road to the Methodist Church. She is now looking for another place.

I saw her at the bank earlier when I went to see if my transfer was made and to get money for next week. The transfer still had not been made so I couldn’t take out money for rent.  I had to cash my second $50 traveller’s cheque to have money to get through next week. I hope that the transfer is made soon before my rent is due.


September 10, 1990

A postcard that I sent to my dad and step-mom in September.